Saturday, April 19, 2008

This week has been a little crazy!

On wednesday, I went with Cast and Crew to do chapel for a High School. Cast and Crew is a group of Ministry Majors. We're in charge of doing 1 chapel a semester, and this semester admissions liked it so much they wanted us to go do it for a high school. Anyway, the school was about two hours away and we needed to be there by eight. So it was a very early morning. Unfortunately, I was coming down with something. It's developed into a cold, so i'm pretty stuffy today. I've used a whole box of Kleenex since Thursday. Despite being sick, I got all of my stuff done and turned in two papers and took my last physics test (before the final). I think I did reasonably well on all three, so that's exciting.

This weekend is pretty busy. I have some Peer Adviser stuff to do and the girls are throwing me a party for getting married. I'm not exactly sure what to expect from that, so I might not publish anymore details. ANYWAY, I'm also working on a pretty big presentation for Monday. I'm presenting my Framework for Youth ministry. Basically i'm explaining how i'm going to do ministry. We're pretending it's an interview situation so I have to pretend i'm presenting it to a church board. I'll hopefully have it done before dinner!

Sean called me today to tell me that he and Nelson got a 1 on their violin duet for solo and ensemble. I am so proud of them! I know they've been working hard. :0) I'm excited for them both. It's pretty hard to get a one as a seventh grader!

Tonight Brad and I are going to stay in and watch a movie. I'm sick and he's coming down with it too, so we're both feeling mildly miserable. We'll probably get some junk food and watch a kid's movie. Those are always fun to watch. :) It will be nice to relax before next week.

Our last week of classes starts on Monday, but it should be pretty easy. All the big stuff was due last week, so it should be smooth sailing. Finals don't look too bad for me, I only have two actual tests. My other two final are a take home exam and a final case study for my youth class. I'll be officially done with this semester on Wednesday, April 3oth. Whew. Only two more weeks!

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