Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog Number Three

The weekend was rather laid back. Saturday I spent finishing up my research and started writing my paper. I'm writing on Canaanite religion. I really hate writing research papers, they always take me so long to write! I would rather just write about what I think about stuff. Like for my personality theory class. We wrote our own personality theories. That was so much fun. I whipped out that paper in half the time it's taken me to write my research paper! I'll get it done though, eventually. After this week, my work load significantly decreases, which is good. I'm not sure how much insanity I can handle!

Friday is also our last physics test before our final, so that makes me happy. I'm almost through General Physics, and it didn't kill me! Our last lab is tomorrow night and next tuesday is our Lab final. I've liked the class, for the most part. It really isn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. But I also had a really good tutor. ;)

This next weekend is going to be relatively busy. The girls are throwing me a Bridal Shower on sunday. It's kind of nerve wracking because this is the first wedding event that is actually taking place. The wedding is in less than four months now... I feel like I have so much I need to do to get ready for it. Pre-wedding counseling has been very good so far. I really like the book that Dr. Mays picked out for us to go through. We're probably going to get another book or two to read this summer.

I also have my final presentation for my youth ministry class due on monday. We had to write a Framework of Youth Ministry paper, and now we're presenting it. We're pretending that we're interviewing for a position and making the presentation to the church board. Dr. Mays even asks us difficult questions and tries to put us on the spot. It's kind of fun, but I need to get working on it to get it together in time for class on monday. i should be able to do it. I just need to get my Baalism paper written. Basically, my whole life is on hold until I get that paper finished.

So I'm watching Jon and Kate plus eight. I'm actually addicted to this show...i'm always watching it. It's just so fascinating watching the chaos that ensues. This episode they're potty training the little kids. I have no idea how that woman does not go insane.

I don't really have much else to say about my life. I'm hanging on until I get to go home. It's time for school to be done.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your busy schedule is calming down. Your "auntie" just called and is on her way home from college after taking an exam. Only three more to go. My hat is off to you ladies! Oh by the way, I loved your take on the tract! Gram