Saturday, April 9, 2011

Style File 4/9/11

This week was my first week at work. It was a pretty good week. I just learned how to use some of the programs I will be using. There is a lot to learn with this job and I have a feeling I'm going to have more than a few panic moments trying to get this all figured out. I'll get there though!

Fridays are my days off, so yesterday I went shopping for most of the day. I bought groceries and went to Target. I also hit up the mall for some work clothes. I'll have some pictures for you in future style files. For today's Style File, I thought I would show you what I might wear out to the grocery store. It's pretty casual, comfortable, and not too elaborate.

I've had this jacket for a long time. Probably at least three years? It's comfy and I like it. :) So there you go, my out shopping outfit! What would *you* wear out to shop?

Jacket- Kohls
T-shirt- JC Penney
Skinny jeans- Old Navy (they're really old too)
Shoes- Gap
Sunglasses- Target last summer (after my other ones got swept away in the ocean)

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