Friday, April 1, 2011

Style File 4/1/11

 So I have an announcement! (No, I'm not pregnant).

Remember about a month ago I posted an interview outfit? I interviewed for two jobs at Regent University. I was not offered the admissions job, but I was offered the Student Services Manager position! I start on Monday. Naturally, after the initial question of what time I should be there and that... my mind wandered to what I would wear. I'm about 90% certain that this is the outfit I am going to be wearing to my first day of work. I love it.  (It's been raining for two weeks straight, so I apologize for the kind of weird lighting. Not much I could do about that).

 I did a little shopping on Wednesday during a big sale that JC Penney was having. That's where I got the sweater and shirt.
Just so you could see my earrings. :)  This skirt is one of my favorite pencil skirts of all time. I love the color and...
The buttons on the front! It reminds me of a sailor type of skirt or something. But I do adore it.
 From the back!
  and so you can see the buttons up close and see the pattern of the shirt. I love polka dots. I don't know what it is about them, but if given the choice between the polka dots and any other pattern, I will always (without thinking) pick the polka dots. Maybe I have a problem?

So what do you think? Good first day on the job look?

Polka Dot Button Down and Sweater: Worthington, JC Penney
Skirt: New York and Company (thrifted. it even had the original tags attached!)
Shoes: I've had them forever, but they came from Penney's
Earrings: ?? Who knows? Claire's maybe?
Bracelet: Gift from my lovely husband (Christmas a couple years ago)

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Vicki said...

Perfect first day of work outfit. Looks great!! I love the polka dots, I don't think that's a problem that you pick them.