Friday, March 4, 2011

Style File 3/4/11

I was having issues scheduling this... so if you saw it yesterday I apologize. For some reason blogger was being strange about the scheduling... But anyway, hopefully I'll get this figured out!

So this is what I actually ended up wearing to my job interviews! I interviewed for two positions at Regent University. And admissions counselor position and a Student Services Manager position (academic advising). After the interviews, I felt really good about both. I really want the Student Services Manager job though. That interview seemed to go extremely well... so here's to hoping that I get a call back!

 I think I look pretty snazzy in my jacket and skirt. :) I decided to go the more conservative/professional route. For the Student Services position, I'm glad I did. They were all wearing fairly dressy attire (the men wore ties). Admissions was more casual, but overall I got complimented at both interviews on what I was wearing. Is that a good sign? Anyway...

 Here's without the jacket. I love this shirt. I usually don't like button down shirts because they're not fitted and make me look boxy. But not this one. It's tailored and hugs my curves the correct way. I would totally wear it without the jacket over it.
 I also enjoy the red/pink (I can't really tell?) stripes on the shirt. They give just a splash of color.
 Accessories! Pearl necklace and earrings plus silver bracelet.
Belt! I like the button details on the top of this skirt too. I enjoy the high waisted-ness of this skirt. I have many plans for it! Notice, I also painted my nails. I went all out for these interviews. I'll have to let you know how it goes!

So that's my exciting week for you. Two job interviews!

I've been keeping up on my running. Only about two more weeks until race day. I've been up to 5 miles a couple times already, so I know I can do it. I'm just working on pacing. I think I should finish it in about 45-46 minutes, which is pretty respectable. I'm not the fastest out there, but that's not my goal. My goal is to just finish because it will mark a huge accomplishment for me. I was talking to my dad yesterday about how in high school I never would have even attempted to run as much as I do. Even a year ago I wouldn't have even thought I could run two miles in a row let alone 5. It's a big accomplishment for me to do five miles. So I'm proud of that accomplishment, even if I'm not the fastest person out there. 


Anonymous said...

I really hope you get one of these jobs! Your outfit would be an on the spot hire if I were interviewing you, lol. I never had people show up in skirts, let alone a suit thing. Shorts, ripped jeans, leggings and tube tops. Oh, and play boy earrings. Giant ones. Uuugh. Your outfit shows you are serious and professional and gives you like a million bonus points even before you open your mouth. And you're smart to back it up. When do you hear back?? Do you know?

LadyLiz said...

Neither really said. For the admissions job they said the job isn't one that closes, they're just going to keep interviewing until they find someone to fill the position. But I know the advisor position is looking to be filled by April first.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, your interview ensemble is fantastic - you look incredible! Fingers crossed that you're offered one (or both!) of the positions!! :)