Friday, March 18, 2011

Style File 3/18/11

Sometimes I have good shoots. Sometimes I have bad shoots. This shoot, was awesome. I set up my camera, adjusted my settings. Took about 12 pictures in a row, got some really good shots, and was packed up and editing them in less than 15 minutes. I lucked out and had some decent lighting this time!

Anyway, most of this outfit came from Forever 21. I had some money to spend this month, so I bought almost an entire outfit because I was feeling like it. I usually shy away from F21 because I don't think the quality is amazing, but these things didn't seem too bad. The skirt seems like it's going to hold up for more than just a season. Time will only tell!
This skirt makes me feel super girly. I think it's the floaty material it's made of. Even though the skirt kind of reminds me of 1995, I like it. Can't go wrong with a rayon chambray skirt!
I like this tank top because of the ruffles. I just like ruffles a lot. I think I have a ruffle problem. I also like the ruching type thing that's going on the buttone of the sweater. I think it adds interest without being to much.
 Overall, I feel like this outfit is quite feminine. I like outfits that make me feel all feminine and such. Especially on nice, warm, springish days. When I shot this it was about 60 degrees and super sunny. I know all you MI people are jealous!
This shot was to show you the print and try to show you the buttons. But you can't really see the buttons... oh well! They're there, I promise!
And this is my favorite part of the outfit. The Owl Necklace! Isn't it just so cute?!

Necklace, Sweater, Tank Top, and Skirt- Forever 21
Belt- H and M
Shoes- Kohls eons ago

Not much to update you on. Still waiting to hear back about Graduate school. I was supposed to get an email about it on Wednesday, but it never came, so who knows what's up. If I haven't heard by Monday, I'm definitely going to send an email. I also haven't heard anything about the jobs. I tried calling the guy about the academic advisor job several times but he never answered or returned my voicemail. So I broke down and emailed him, to which I did get a brief reply which basically said we're still deciding, hopeing to make a decision by next week. SO! I'm trying not to over analyze what it means that he wasn't accepting or returning my phone calls....

Other than that, this week has been pretty chill. This week I have been running, baking muffins (again. I just really like muffins right now!), watching Take Home Chef, cleaning, doing laundry, and hanging out with the dog, nothing too exciting.

My race is tomorrow morning, bright and early. Today I am taking a day off and resting. I am so pumped for this race. I feel ready. I may not break the top 100 finishers, but I know that I am going to do the best I can, and for someone that at one time couldn't run for three minutes in a row, this is a big accomplishment for me. I'll probably post some pics sometime over the weekend. :)

Happy Friday!


KDM said...

Really cute - I know what you mean about a flowey skirt. Makes one feel light and comfy (c:

Kathy Fryman said...

Very nice! I like it! Have you considered a job writing descriptions for clothing catalogs?
Good luck tomorrow! Hope you have a great race.