Friday, March 11, 2011

Style File 3/11/11

So I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do an outfit post this week, but I pulled one off. The lighting was kind of wonky because I had to do them inside... I really need to get a better flash. The lamp casts a terrible yellow glow, but I had to have it on or else it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too dark and you couldn't see me! It might have been better if our apartment had over head lighting, but it doesn't. Seriously, we had to get a bunch of lamps in order to have lights in most of the rooms.  Anyway... on to the outfit!!
I got this dress from Target for 5 bucks for a costume party we went to this past weekend. It was a 1920's Murder Mystery Dinner Party, so I styled it like a flapper. But I thought I might also get some more use out of it. Maybe a date night outfit? Who knows! But I do like this. I like the mix of the feel of the dress with the more casual cardigan.

My mom called during my shoot! HI MOM! Please ignore that red sock on the top of the dresser. And my bumpy hair.

This dress is on the shorter side for me... but I do like it. I'll definitely be wearing it this summer. I might restyle it sans the cardigan and wear it with some sandals and fun hair. So many possibilities for this LBD. And for five bucks you can't beat that!
I got these shoes super on sale a couple years ago from Penney's. They're leather peep toes. I love them and as such I wear them a lot.

The belt you might remember from last week. I like this spring cardigan. I love the details on the neck line. You can't really see it in the photos, but the dress has a detail at the neck too. It's kind of a lacy applique... so for that reason I didn't think I needed to put on a necklace. The only other accessory I'm wearing aside from the belt, are red circle earrings. Thanks to the lighting you can't really tell they're red, but I promise you they are! 

So there you have it. An outfit I might wear out for an evening. Brad is taking me on a date tonight... maybe I should wear this! 

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