Friday, March 25, 2011

Style File 3/25/11

Ok, so you've probably seen these pics on my facebook, but I'm making a Race Day Style File. :) I ran in my very first race this past weekend. It was the Shamrock Marathon weekend. I ran the 8k that was on Saturday morning, then Sunday there was a half marathon and a full marathon. I managed to run the five miles the fastest I've ever run it. It was so much fun, and I'm hooked! I'm probably going to sign up for the half-marathon next year. I'm also thinking of signing up for a 10k in October. I'll keep you updated!

 The shorts I had acutally just gotten the day before at the Fitness expo that is also put on for the weekend. I found them in a clearance bin for 14 bucks and they're Nike (dri-fit. Love). I have never seen Nike running shorts for less than 28 dollars. So I was pretty psyched. Anyway, I also wear compression shorts when I'm wearing running shorts. Primarily because I don't like how dang short running shorts are, but also because I just like the feel of the compression shorts. I'm not the only one who wears them, am I? haha.
 (this shot is just a gratuitous shot of me approaching the finish line... So maybe I'll take the time to talk about running shoes.) If you don't think they're worth the money, you are wrong. They really really are. I recommend going to a running store and talking with the people there because they will be able to tell you what type of shoe you should wear. I went to a local store and they told me I over pronate, so they got me in some stabilizing shoes that help keep me from injury. While I was at the fitness expo, a Physical Therapist who specializes in sports injuries also did a five minute foot exam. His initial measurements showed opposite of what the running store said (oops!), so he was puzzled. He told me to call him for a free consultation with him, where he's going to put me on a treadmill and film me and watch it together. It's possible that I still run funky even if the stationary exam of my feet say I'm normal. SO I have that on Saturday morning (7 am. Ick). I'll let you know what he says! I have a feeling I really will over-pronate while I'm running because once I got these shoes, I was way less sore.
 (another gratuitous shot...) The orange thing on my shoe is Brad's Nike Plus. I want a new iPod so bad so I can get my own nike plus... Saving my pennies!
 Running is fun. Running also makes me very sweaty, and I've discovered (recently) that spending the money on technical running gear is far superior to running in a t-shirt. The t-shirt just absorbs the moisture and then I feel damp and disgusting the whole time. But a technical shirt (like the green one I'm wearing) wicks away the moisture, keeps me cooler, and is just better in general. Someday I would like to have the money to splurge on Nike gear, but this shirt was seven bucks at Target. Probably not the best quality out there, but it gets the job done. Also, don't mind how gross I look in that picture... I had just run five miles. ;)


Jeremy and Anna said...

Yay! You go, woman!

Vicki said...

You look wonderful and your runing outfit is fab! State of the art! And the new fabrics really do make a big difference.

I cannot believe how fast you ran that in and I can see you running a half marathon next year without any problems. So proud of you and your accomplishment. I am walking a 5k in an hour...running one, hmmmm, not so sure about that,:).