Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Headbands

As I've mentioned before, been busy making little baby headbands. I've discovered it's not a complicated thing at all! I've made several so I thought I would share them with you. I still have several more to make and I'll probably keep making them. They will be good to have around for the girls, but also to have on hand for baby shower gifts.

 They were surprisingly easy to make. I found several tutorials online, adapted them, and headbands! The satin (the purple and silver flowers in the above picture)flowers on the end were the product of reading several tutorials and kind of synthesizing what I thought would work best, but this is a pretty good one that I probably followed the closest. Basically, you cut six concentric circles out of satin, burn the edges with a flame source (I just used a lighter, but you could light a candle and do it that way), and then stitch them together with a couple of hand sewn stitches. Then I found stuff to put in the middles (these have pearl beads) and that's that! The bows were traced from here (big ones are like the ones pictured in the original post) and here (small red one came from the "big" bow on this page) and then put together. The puffy felt flowers either came from the same tutorial as the satin ones, or the ones with actual petals came from here. I just used kid's craft felt for all of my felt things, I saw no need to get expensive fancy felt. A couple flowers I did not make. I'll note which ones in the next pictures.
These lace ones are two of my favorites (well I like them all!). The pink flower was not made by me, I ordered it from Bitsy Bands, where I also ordered my elastics. 

Attaching the flowers and bows to the headband was pretty easy too. I just cut the length of the elastic (I used the measurements on this blog). I hot glued the bow or flower based on my own intuition. I cut a felt circle that would fit on the back of the item I was attaching (sometimes it was a square for the flowers and the bows got long skinny rectangles). Then I attached the elastic on the edges of the circle/square/rectangle in order to give a smidge more room for the headband (so instead of putting the elastic overlapping itself I just attached it at the edges of the circle). To keep it all secure, I made an elastic sandwich with the felt circle and the flower or bow I was attaching. I think it will be pretty secure because I was pretty generous with the hot glue for these.
These are more of my favorites. I love the little red bow! The pink flower on the bottom was ordered from Bitsy bands too.

The satin flowers are very fun to make. I used all clearance satin from Hancock Fabrics and Joann's fabrics. On fabric I spent probably... 5 bucks? The purple satin I got a half yard and I have so much fabric. The silver satin, I got only a quarter yard and still have lot. I could easily make a dozen more of these. I also got some pink fabric that was not satin, but is 100% polyester so it does burn. When I have those flowers on headbands I'll post more pictures. :)

Things I learned with this project:
- The felt puffy flowers do not have to be an exact circle. Since I'm not capable of cutting an exact circle...that's a good thing
-Same with the satin flowers. You're just going to burn them anyway.
-Use tailor's chalk on the felt when you're tracing. I just used a sharpie and it was a pain (especially on the bows) to cut the correct shape AND make sure no sharpie lines were showing at the end.
-Hot glue does soak through felt, but the fabric glue I bought didn't cut it either. I just glued everything on a paper plate and moved the flower when I was done so it didn't get stuck to said paper plate.
- I have a slight problem with these. I have a lot of flowers and bows. And plenty of materials to make more.

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