Friday, July 12, 2013

Style File: 26 Weeks

This style file is all about keeping it real. When the weather is gross and super humid, the hair is back in a pony tail (or else it gets puffy and wild), I may or may not wear make up, and the rain boots are a necessity. It definitely rains a lot more here in the Beach than it ever did where I grew up or in Texas. So the rain is just part of it. Especially during tropical storm and hurricane season.
 Today's appointment went really well. I did my glucose test, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It went down fine. About 30 minutes later I started feeling a bit strange, but it passed relatively quickly and all was well. I had a big ultrasound today to do lots of measuring of the babies. Everything looks good, both are still girls, and look to be healthy. Baby A is totally breech (her knee was by her nose) and is estimated to weigh 2lbs 4ozs. Baby B is transverse and practically up in my chest. She's estimated to be 2 lbs even. We confirmed again that there are indeed two placentas, which is the best case scenario for twins. It means that neither twin is going to be stealing blood flow or nutrients from the other. My blood pressure was now I'm just hoping the glucose test comes back normal!
 I apparently have a thing for Green and Purple these days. Oh well, just call me Barney. ;)

I had a pretty good discussion with the doctor about my birth. I'm not calling my hopes of what the birth will look like a "Birth Plan" because... you just can't really plan for twins. I have a few hopes for what I would like, but I'm being flexible and reminding myself that twins have more variables and needs than a singleton pregnancy. I would love to have a normal, non-surgical birth with minimal medications but that may not be possible.

Obviously, if babies stay breech and transverse a c-section will be required and we'll probably schedule that if I make it to full term. I learned today that if everything is going well and there is no placental issues, they will not induce me until 39 weeks. If I am able though, we want to avoid that. Thankfully I will be able to labor in a normal labor and delivery room where I will be free to move around and do whatever I want (prior to the epidural). My dream was to go totally unmedicated in the birth center with the midwives, but obviously twins complicates that plan. I will be getting the epidural for two reasons 1.) If they need to manually move Baby B into position that can be very painful. Especially if they have to do all of that internally. 2.) If a c-section becomes emergent and required, having the epidural reduces the chance of me needing to be put under. Of those two choices I want to be awake enough to hold my babies shortly after the surgery rather than hours later in my recovery room. I will also need to do the actual pushing in the OR just in case. Twin births can get complicated quickly, so all of that is precautionary to make sure we're ready for anything.

(Note: did you notice how I avoided saying "vaginal birth" up there??)

In non-baby news, our community group has been busy with VBS this week. I think it has been going great! The kids seem to be having fun and enjoying themselves. I've been having fun, even though I'm not able to get in there as much as some of the other helpers (it's hot out and I can't stand and dance around in the 90 degree weather, haha), it's awesome to see the kids learning about Jesus. Many of the kids are from our own community group, but there are several who are not and that is exciting to me! VBS is all about telling kids about Jesus and I'm really hoping that catches on in their hearts. Tonight we are not doing any lessons, but the kids are performing the songs they have learned this week for their parents and we're having a closing cookout. It should be fun!

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