Friday, July 5, 2013

Style File: 25 Weeks

My wardrobe keeps shrinking or I keep growing... ;) My options are a bit limited these days, but I press on wards and upwards! I'm finding if I keep basics in my wardrobe like this tank and jeans, but they're in bright colors, it doesn't look like an outfit made of basics. The problem I have with a lot of maternity clothes is that they're just... frumpy looking. I just bought a pair of kahki capris from Kohl's for work and they are definitely not what I would normally pick. But I was getting desperate for pants to wear to work. When push comes to shove, I have to wear clothes to work. Even if they're not normally what I would pick.

There are a lot of cute maternity clothes out there, but they're also about a million dollars for a pair of pants. Outside of Target and Old Navy the cute pieces aren't really that affordable. At Motherhood, for example, a pair of dress pants is almost 70 dollars. Now, I would pay that much for a pair of dress pants that are good quality and something that will last in my wardrobe. But to pay 70 dollars for a pair of pants I will only wear when I am pregnant (which, folks, is not that much longer!). Even if I kept them for subsequent pregnancies we're talking 70 dollar pants I can only wear for short seasons of my life. No thanks. Maternity clothes are not "investment" clothes, in my opinion.

Now that I'm done with that rant... Babies are doing well to my knowledge. I am feeling them less, but I'm sure it's due to positioning and the fact that they may just be running out of room to karate chop me like they were the past couple of weeks. I do still feel movement, so even though I sometimes get worried about them I just reassure myself that ANY movement is a sign things are going well. Plus, my appointment last Friday everything looked fine. Heart rates were good, they were moving around and there were no red flags. My next appointment is a long one. I go in at 8:30am for my glucose tolerance test, then I have a big ultrasound (to check growth. It's routine for twin pregnancies. They want to make sure the babies are BOTH growing well. If one is substantially bigger than the other it could indicate some growth restrictions for the smaller one. Chances of that are pretty slim because I'm carrying fraternals so there shouldn't be any issue of one twin stealing all of the nutrients). After the ultrasound is the normal doctor-y checks. So I anticipate being there for several hours. I had better bring a book. I wonder if they would object to me bringing crafting supplies?

Brad was a rockstar yesterday and got the dresser painted and the babies' room mostly painted. We're letting it sit and dry for a bit before we paint the accent wall (which I am very excited about. Definitely expect a post about it when it's done. Probably in a couple of weeks) and he still has to poly the dresser. The problem is that it's super humid out, so while he could paint the dresser inside poly is stinkier and needs to be done outside. We're hoping maybe it will be less humid out sometime this weekend.

I've also been making headband flowers and bows. I am pretty addicted to making them. I may have a ton of them. Brad said I should sell them. Maybe I will? I just don't know that people would be interested in them! I'll have to think about it some more. But I will be posting more about the headbands as soon as my elastic comes in and I have some finished products. Be looking for that post sometime next week!

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You look fantastic! I love the fun colrs. I had good luck finding work stuff at jc penney...they had some really good sales. They have changed though so no telling if they would still be a good spot to find stuff. At the end I only had two shirts that fit and they were xl lol.
You could always open an etsy store. It is inexpensive and easy to do. I have one and while I don't make a ton from it I sell a couple of things a month.