Friday, July 19, 2013

Style File: 27 Weeks

I'm having too much fun with this app. I read they were working on getting an Android version out there by the end of the summer or beginning part of the fall. It's a pretty fun little app. I like instagram, but this app lets me do some fun stuff. Since it's newish there aren't a ton of free options, but you know what? it's still cool! You can buy extra fonts, borders, doodles, etc. They get saved right to your camera roll so you can use them in other apps like Instagram if you would like to. Oh, and the blog I linked to doesn't even know who I am so you know my review is genuine ;).

 Here I am at 27 weeks. I'm counting it as the start of my third trimester. Who knew when trimesters start and end was the subject of debate? It makes sense to me because if you divide 40 by 3 you get pretty close to 27 weeks as the start of the third trimester. Also, I will likely not go to 40 weeks, so I'm calling it the third tri. 

I finally got some new clothes that seem to fit (for now). A lot of the things I bought in my first trimester stopped working over the past couple of weeks. I know I've said before, even publicly here on the blog, that I would try to stay away from maternity clothes...well I quickly learned that maybe if I had only one baby in there I might have been able to pull that off. But since there's two, I expanded pretty quickly and regular clothes just are not able to accommodate the growing bump. I took advantage of the stuff and save event at old navy and got several things for 30% off, including this dress! I appreciate the length of the dress. As a fairly tall person sometimes it's hard to find dresses that are long enough to also be work appropriate. I also tend to like Old Navy dresses because they're comfortable. Since I'm not trying to invest in these pieces long term, and I get most of my Old Navy stuff substantially discounted/on sale I'm not worried about the quality of them. I'll probably only wear them four times before I outgrow them anyway ;)

 Looking at these pictures, can you tell where baby girls are? My last appointment with the big sonogram revealed that baby girl A is frank breech and super super low. Baby girl B is lying across the top of my tummy transverse. I don't think they've moved much since I shared that last week but I do feel like they have grown. My belly seems to have grown anyway! Just for fun here's a collage to show my belly growth over the last month.

I passed my glucose test, but my iron is a little low (still) so I'm working on that. Overall, I've been feeling pretty good but I am hitting that stage where I'm more tired than usual. I think that's just part of it. Today is a bit of a weird day because I need to go into the office for a few hours this afternoon...which means I need to get going to my chiropractor appointment and be on my way!

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