Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I love Christmas break. I've been going to bed when I want and getting up without an alarm. I also get to do whatever I want, whenever I want to. Today I slept in until like 8:30, but didn't really do anything until nine or so. I did work out to Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. That thing kicks my butt every time. I just threw in some laundry and am thinking about taking a shower. But I thought I would do a little update first.

Our car has some problems (again). It started off with a missing oil cap, thanks to the oil place that changed our oil. Unfortunately it started being loud and making some funny noises and the check engine light came on. So we took it into the Toyota dealer, who found it's a bad intake gasket thingy (i have no idea what it is) and a bad sensor. So they need to replace both... for $500 dollars. The part is 7 dollars and the sensor is 140, the rest of the cost is labor. UGH. And of course, this is just one giant coincidence and totally unrelated to the oil change. The check engine light turned off and stayed off, so we're hoping the sensor doesn't actually have to be replaced right now. Here's to hoping! The problem is that the parts won't be in until Wednesday morning, and we needed to get on the road to go to Brad's family's house at noon on wednesday. So I'm also hoping and praying that the parts come in and they can fix it quickly so we can be on our way and get a good amount of driving in. If we can't get out on Wednesday, there's really no point in even going, so we'll have to see. I'm sure we could drive it as is, but i'm not sure I want to risk it. I mean, if it blows up in the middle of nowhere, that's just not a happy time.

In other happier news, I got a new hair straightener and a new purse with my christmas money. My old straightener was getting pretty crappy. I didn't even realize how crappy it was getting until I got the new one. Man, it's awesome! My hair actually gets straight. My purse is a red leather purse from Kohl's. I found it on the clearance rack for 20 bucks. I was excited because the original price on it was 70 dollars. I'm all about the clearance racks! In a separate trip while I was up north I scored a 40 dollar sweater for 20 bucks, and an 85 dollar skirt for 25. I am pleased. I'm hoping to be able to hit up JC Penney soon. I've been scoping out what I want to get. Haha.

Today I am going to do laundry, start packing for our trip, and make Brad's grandpa's gifts. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this so I can tell you what it is! I'm making a tub of carmel corn, and a tin with some cookies and some peanut butter cups in it. We don't have any milk, so I might have to call our neighbors to borrow some. I was going to make some fudge, but Walmart didn't have the stuff for it. I was extremely sad. :( Maybe some toffee? I'm gonna have to scour the recipes I have to decide. I might also bust out some scrapbooking, but we'll see. I also kind of want to start on another scarf. Or maybe a hat, but I don't think I have the yarn or needles to do that. I joined Ravelry.com yesterday and have been looking at a lot of different patterns to try someday. Some are really cute and easy, so I might try something new! I also discovered there *is* a yarn shop in Longview. It's called Stitches and Stuff. http://www.stitchesandstuffonline.com

If all goes according to plan, Brad and I will be headed to Asheville tomorrow at noon. We'll be gone until Sunday. His family is going to cook a  Christmas dinner and have a fun little get together. It should be a fun time. OH, that's another thing I should do today! Finish wrapping gifts! Well, I think this has been a pretty good update, and I really need to shower and switch the laundry. Later!


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Vicki said...

I love vacations too. I have been busy but not too much. The yarn shop looks great!!
You are a great bargain hunter, a purse for that price!! Which one did you get?
I hope the car is an easy fix, cars are so expensive. I really hate spending the money on them but I am spoiled by the conveince they give.