Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Auditions, life, and spoiled Hamburger.

So yesterday had a great start to it. I remembered as the alarm went off (i'm not sure why) that I had probably left some ground beef on the counter all night. When I went and checked, of course, I had. I took it out of the freezer while I was cooking dinner the night before to let it thaw a little before I put it back in the fridge, that way I wouldn't have to leave it out tomorrow and I would be mostly thawed by dinner time. I could have sworn I put it back in the fridge after we were done eating, but apparently I didn't. I was extremely annoyed.

Yesterday I could not for the life of me get motivated to do anything. That's probably going to bite me in the butt, but for some reason I'm having a difficult time making me buckle down and do homework. I really need to get over that before the semester gets too busy! I have another Greek quiz on Wednesday, I have about half of the words memorized. If I buckle down, I should be able to get them all memorized today. I also have some tour guide training today after my Noon class. I'm giving tours for admissions this semester. I'm a "back up" tour guide which means I only give tours during preview weekends and when the regular tour guides can't make it or forgot about their tour. Grading is going to be less this semester, but that's ok. I'll stay plenty busy, I'm sure.

Last night were auditions for the play "All My Sons". I think I did pretty well. I'm hoping I get the part I want. I think I have as good a shot as anyone else. There is another round of auditions tonight, and i should find out after the auditions (so probably 11 or 12. Haha). I might just wait until the morning to get my email and find out, depending on how tired I am today.

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