Thursday, January 14, 2010

First week of school

School started on Tuesday. It's been interesting. I don't think I'll have to bad of a semester. I need to get organized and start writing out all the stuff I have to do for school so I have a better feel for when projects and stuff are due. That's the nice thing about college; you get a syllabus that details everything you're going to be doing. You know well in advance about that major paper due at the end of the class. I only have four classes this semester: Doctrines II, Greek II, Marriage and the Family, and Evangelism and Discipleship. I'm really excited for most of my classes, but mostly Marriage and the Family. I think it will be a good class, and i might even learn something about how to do this whole marriage thing. Greek has started off at a run. I have a quiz tomorrow over 100 words I've never seen before. UGH.

The Sherlock Holmes movie was really good. I very much enjoyed it. The acting was excellent, the story was excellent, and I didn't even mind the action scenes in it. It kept me entertained. There were some good previews too for movies coming out soon. I'm personally excited for the Percy Jackson movie to come out in February. Brad and I might have to go see it as our Valentine's date or something. We're going to keep Valentine's day pretty small this year because Christmas was so big. We'll probably have a nice dinner and go to a movie. I might even cook said nice dinner! I'm thinking a lasagna. I've never attempted to make Lasagna before, so I'm thinking I should. It could be fun.

We get Monday off of school, so I have a long weekend! I think I'm going to make a couple scrapbook pages on Monday. This weekend we have got to get our Christmas stuff down. It's getting embarrassing.

I need to go study though, sorry the update is so short.

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Vicki said...

Hip Hip hooray for long weekends. Yes the Christmas stuff should come down before Valentine's Day.

have a good night studying!!