Wednesday, January 27, 2010

World Vision

 Yesterday evening Brad and I decided to sponsor a child through World Vision. I chose a little girl from Kenya, who lives in a community severely affected by HIV and AIDS. Through our sponsorship we can help provide education, health care (including HIV/AIDS counseling and prevention education), food, clean water, care for their sick or dying parents (so sad that this is even a service that needs to be offered), and other things we like to take for granted over here in the States. We chose to sponsor a Hope Child, which is a special program that works with children and families in AIDS affected areas. The little girl we are sponsoring says her health is satisfactory, so I am assuming that means she is not HIV positive. I'm sure, though, she knows many people who are. Her name is Amina.


Vicki said...

that is very cool, I think they do a nice job of helping children in need.
BTW, I had to throw out leftovers yesterday because I forgot to put them away after dinner, yuck!!
Did you get the part?

LadyLiz said...

I didn't get the part I wanted. I got double cast as a smaller role. So I have to share it with someone else. It means I get to perform only one night. I'm secretly hoping the other girl will think it's stupid and not do it at all.