Sunday, May 9, 2010

Australia here I come!

Well, we're all sitting in the Shreveport Airport waiting to go through security. We got here at at 1pm, and it's currently 3:27pm. And our flight doesn't leave until 4:25. LAME THAT WE HAD TO BE HERE SO EARLY. But it's been fun hanging out with Kevin Dunn and Josh Oh. And Viktoria (the Roudkovski's daughter.

 Liz had her family come into to town, that was pretty exciting. The parents and grandparents were able to see the school, some of them for the first time. They also got to see some of my cool friends, aka the Christian Ministry majors. It was somewhat difficult to pack up her room, getting everything cleaned, pack ofr Australia, do the whole graduate thing. That in of itself was interesting, family crying, me crying all while trying not to trip and fall head first off the stage. Afterward, she had to fend off 3000 people and their extended families just to try and take a few pictures. Too many people, too many families, and not enough pictures with good friends. Unfortuantly, right now as I write this, Brad was heading off to his flight which just got brought back because they were having brake problems. So he might be late for his flight out of Atlanta, but hopefully everything will be okay there.  Graduation was fun, but still really has not sunk in yet, and hard to believe that I am done with school. YEA! Okay, were going through security, hopefully they won't find my bomb. -Written by Kevin Dunn

Oh, dear, Kevin is funny! Well I am going to write more later. Be sure to keep checking back for updates throughout my trip!



Brad said...

So yeah, I definitely did miss my flight and couldn't get anywhere in a useful amount of time. I had to cancel the entire trip. Guess I'll have to reschedule it.

Hope your flights went well!


Vicki said...

This sounds like so much fun, can't wait to hear each step and see photos. What did we do before the internet, oh wait, you probably don't remember the dark ages.