Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Two in AUS

Well, here we are on day two. It's 8:40 pm, and I am exhausted. Gotta love jet lag...

Today we hung out at Mueller College for most of the day. We attended some classes. The first class I helped with was an elementary aged PE class. They were pretty cute. Then I attended some high school bible classes. In those classes it was more of a Q and A session about America and our culture. We were frequently asked if we've met any clebrities. Haha. Their perceptions of American culture are a bit funny sometimes. I enjoyed their company very much. For most of the afternoon we had some down time and didn't really do much but hang out with the kids and the staff. Tomorrow we've been promised to have a bit more structure, so we'll see what happens. I guess tomorrow we're supposed to help with Staff devotions and then from there go to more classes with the kids. Friday we will be going to the school until right after Chapel, then we'll be off to the Australia Zoo!

It's been fun hanging out with our host family too. We've eaten supper outside on the decks as well as breakfast (complete with sunrise) on the other deck. Our hosts are very eager to teach us about Australia and it's history/culture (which very much go hand in hand here). Mae and I tried Vegemite after supper, and I must say, it's not that great. But I did try it! I'm going to try bring some of it home (hopefully in small quantities) to make my friends and family try. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. But I still didn't finish my little slice of toast with it on there. Haha.

One of our guys was incredibly sick in the night and for most of the day. How unfortunate is that? Travel all the way to Australia just to get a stomach bug the first night you are here. I hope he recovers quickly and doesn't pass it on to any one else!


Marcia said...

It is great to hear about your Aus adventure! I love the photos... Congrats on trying the veg on toast... you are braver than I! You will recover from the jet lag only to do it again on the flip side. But, worth it. Love ya!

Vicki said...

I am proud of you for trying the Vegamite. I couldn't get past the texture and odor. The zoo will be a great side trip. I hope you all stay healthy!