Thursday, May 13, 2010

I saw a Koala!

It was a bit of an adventure yesterday. I got to go to a lot of classes and interact with the kids, including a cooking class and a couple of others. Mae and I got to take over a year 7 class and just do some questions with them. We got asked how many times a day we see African Americans. It was quite interesting because it made me realize that Australia is pretty homogenous. There are other ethnicities are around but they rarely mix with each other, not like they do in America. I'm sure in the bigger cities it's different, but not in this little town of Redcliffe.

In the middle of talking with the year sevens, someone came to get us to show us A KOALA IN A TREE. They don't come around the campus much so we all ran out (including the Australians) to go look at it. Here is a picture:

I thought he was really cute.

Today we are going to chapel at the school, and then we're leaving for the Australia Zoo. When we come back from the Zoo we're going to go watch a Rugby League game. It will be a ton of fun, but it will be a very late night and early morning tomorrow. I still haven't switch my clock entirely. Last night I went to sleep at almost eleven and was still up at 5:30. I dozed until 6:30, but it's pretty frustrating. Hopefully being busy will help me to be tired and sleep better, haha.

We also found out that when we're going on that trip into the outback to work with the Aboriginals, we will be camping for four nights. And get this: NO TENTS. We're just sleeping outside. I am not pleased by that and neither are half of the group I'm with. We were initially told we would only be camping for two nights, but now it's four. And we were told it was in tents but it isn't. :( I am not a happy camper. Hopefully nothing will bite me while I'm sleeping. It would be unfortunate to be eaten by a dingo.

And with that I need to go finish getting ready for my day. Later!


Brad said...

Yes! A picture of a Koala! Now you just needs some pictures of Kangaroos and my vicarious Australia experience will be complete!

Marcia said...

Love the photo - wow, a Koala. Not too jazzed about the camping trip... have a big bond fire to keep the dingos away! That's the grandma in me speaking! Enjoy the zoo... it will be super.

Vicki said...

They are such a cute little creature. Sounds like you are really getting to spend a lot of time with the youth. Can't wait to hear about your weekend. I would not worry about the camping, I am sure it will be safe and maybe an adventure. How many people can say they camped under the stars in the outback???