Sunday, May 16, 2010

More beach pics and such

There's the last three pics of the Beach. :) Today was full of Church type of activities. Tomorrow will be more practicing for our mission trip. We leave bright and early on Tuesday morning (Monday afternoon for you guys, I believe) for our mission trip. Please be praying for us as we enter the different communities. some of them aren't exactly friendly towards Christianity. We won't be going to dangerous areas, but certianly not areas where Christianity is especially prevalent. We're also giong into tribes that are very much into an almost animistic religion. Many of them have visions of evil spirits and have areas where they do not go because of the spirits being there. Satan does have a foothold in these places and any prayer against that is completly welcome. While we're on the trip I will not have access to the internet, so i'll try to make another post before I leave. We'll be gone for a week, so don't miss me too much! :P


Vicki said...

Looks very beautiful. Any jellyfish? I will think of you often

Marcia said...

Papa and I keep you in our thoughts and prayers. The pics are fab! We look forward to seeing more pics when you return to base next week.

Anna and Jeremy said...

I posted :o) Miss you much!