Friday, May 28, 2010

The Past Couple Days

The past couple of days since our trip were spent at Mueller College. On Wednesday we slept in, went to school for two periods, and then my Australian Mum told us we should come home. Now that I think about it, that was probably a wise decision. I didn't realize how sleepy I was from the trip! Thursday was kind of the same, except in the afternoon our group had meetings to prepare for the chapel services we were doing on Friday. We participated in the senior high chapel for a short segment about the trip we went on, and then for the primary schools we did the whole chapel. We did a lot of the same things we did on the mission trip for these kids, but they really seemed to enjoy it. The little kids went all out with the singing and dancing we taught them! I'm in the process of getting some pictures of that, but since I was on stage most of the time, my camera has very few pictures on it. Such is life, I suppose!

Today we are going to the Gold Coast. We were supposed to leave about five minutes ago, but our Australian Parents aren't ready yet. Let it be known that I am (for once) not the cause of being late! Haha. Anyway, we were going to beach it up today but it's pouring down rain. So plan B is to go to the gold coast anyway but do a lot of shopping and such. We're also going to the Outback Spectacular. It's apparently some sort of educational dinner show deal. All I know about it is that I get steak. That should be yummy.

Just for fun here are the things I've eaten while here that I hadn't tried before or wouldn't eat at home:
-Vegemite (gross!)
-Avocado mushed up with lemon pepper in it on crackers (yum!)
-Weet Bix (it's a big brick of wheat cereal. I put milk on them with rasins. I'm definitely bringing a box home).
-Milo (a powder you add to hot or cold milk/water. It's almost like hot chocolate but not quite.)
-Crunchy Peanutbutter (or peanut paste, as they call it here)
- Naan bread (Part of indian cuisine. It's like a flat bread but it has a filling in the center)
- Butter on a sandwich (I can't convince my mum to stop doing this!)
- Spaghetti for breakfast
- Pumpkin soup (gross!)
- Mango and passion fruit ice cream (semi-homemade. They blended in the fruits themselves and then refroze it. I didn't particularly care for this)
And I think that's about it so far...

I need to get myself on a bus to the Gold Coast though!


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Brad said...

Awesome! Sounds like you've been having fun. The food sounds like an adventure! Glad you're having fun.