Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Name Change and my Summer To Do List

You may have noticed that I changed the name of the blog around here. I'm contemplating switching the URL to reflect that change, but I didn't want to lose a bunch of readers because of a URL change. So I thought I would mull it over and maybe announce it later on prior to the change. The name change is meant to reflect the blog more. "Daily Life" was boring and vanilla...and my life is not boring and vanilla! Don't worry-- all of the same types of posts will continue here. I have some ideas for after the babies get here and we're settled (ha! is that ever going to happen?) and I'm really hoping to have some new features and hopefully blog a bit more often. That won't be for a while though since I'm still currently working then when I am not working any more for a bit it's going to be chaos. Just know I am thinking about it and mulling it over!

Oh, yeah, did I ever mention here that I will not be returning to work after the babies arrive? I made that decision pretty early on when we began weighing my salary against child care costs. It ended up working out that my entire salary would go toward child care and that's not really the point of working, now is it? I was also trying to be delicate because not everyone at work knew that I would not be returning, but I think the word has spread at this point.

Anyway! On to what I have planned for the summer. It's not all baby related, but a lot of it is. Sorry about that, it's just kind of the nature of my life at the moment.

  • Go to the beach a couple times. Last year I didn't go- not even once! I have a cute maternity suit and everything. Better use it before I outgrow it!
  • Refinish dresser for nursery. We're kind of in process on this. But it will get done soon!
  • Paint the nursery/set up the nursery
  • Collect baby gear of all kinds (because we really don't have much!)
  • Attend work baby shower in July
  • Finish up my course work so I can get my M.A! 
  • Read FOR FUN (maybe at the beach?!)
  • Make a couple pinterest projects for the babies' room
  • Take some couple-y photos 
  • Finish up Dr. Who season 6
  • Catch up on Once Upon A Time
  • Survive VBS with our community group
  • Enjoy our last couple of months as a couple before the two little ladies arrive


KDM said...

I'm excited for you to join the crowd as a stay-at-home mom. Looking forward to reading about your adventures with the twins :)

Anonymous said...

Survive VBS.....haha! It will be an adventure for sure.