Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Google Reader is shutting down!!!

I was agast when I logged in one day to check out my blogs and then got the dreaded message "Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st, 2013". What was I going to do!?

I tried a couple different blog reading services and landed on blog lovin'. I'm really enjoying how it has me interact with different blogs. Instead of pulling the post the way Reader did it forces me to go to the actual blog and see the layouts and other features that didn't come through on reader. I also like how it's more of a community. You should give it a try and follow me on Blog Lovin'! There's a link at the top right of this blog to follow me.

Here are some more reasons I like Blog Lovin':

1.) It's easy to migrate your Reader subscriptions over. Just follow the (easy to follow) instructions they give you.

2.) My blog gets page views when you read through Blog Lovin', this isn't true of Google Reader. I would like to expand my readership and some day maybe even supplement our income through my blog. That takes page views.

3.) The Blog Lovin' App for my iPhone and iPad is awesome.

4.) It's easy to find new blogs to read on Blog Lovin'

5.) It's really easy to follow blogs through Blog Lovin'. If the blogger is part of Blog Lovin' you just click on the Blog Lovin' icon on their blog and follow away!

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