Friday, June 28, 2013

Style File: 24 Weeks's all about being comfortable. That's the name of the game this summer. Keeping cool. Haha. So far it hasn't been too bad because the spring was a very cool spring, but the past couple of weeks have been hitting the mid 90's and while I know that's hardly scorching...It's certainly not my favorite. I'm just glad our ancient AC unit got replaced recently. It's way more efficient which means I can keep it cooler in the house and not have to worry about busting the bank. ;)

I'm actually super stoked about these jeans. I ordinarily prefer skinny jeans, but these classic boot cut jeans were on the clearance rack at Kohl's for $6.00. Then the cashier gave me an additional 20% off. So for five bucks (including tax) I got a pair of comfy, stretchy, maternity pants.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything looks great with the babies. Their heart rates were 153 and 149, both were looking good on the ultrasound. They have changed positions a bit. The baby on my right side likes to be balled up, but she was considered vertex (head down). The one the left, though, has changed positions and is now breech. It's still pretty early for that to really matter much. My next appointment is a big one. I do my glucose test and I have a growth scan. The drink does look a little weird... I do get to eat prior to the test though, so that's good. I can have protein. So while a plate full of eggs isn't really my first choice, at least I don't have to totally fast. Not eating doesn't usually go over too well these days.

Just as a side note: Chick Fil A's new salads are still good but I miss the old Chargrilled Chicken salad. It was just vegetables and grilled chicken. Now the only option for a grilled chicken salad involves lots of berries and blue cheese. I don't mind the berries...but the blue cheese is icky. And they can't always just make you one without it. Bummer. I'm eating the cobb salad right now, and it's good but it has fried chicken on it. 

Also as a side note: ants are taking over my kitchen again. I have some borax and sugar water out, which seemed to work ok last time. I could have Terminex come out and spray but I don't really want them spraying pesticides in my house while I'm pregnant. Any other thoughts on how to get rid of ants pesticide free? (and yes, I do keep the kitchen clean so it's not because there's food sitting around).

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Anonymous said...

Awsome outfit and jeans for $5 is amazing. I have ants too and I am trying borax again but so far, not helping.
And I agree about blue cheese on salad. UGH