Sunday, June 16, 2013

Style File: 22 weeks

Sorry this post is a little late! After a week in Michigan, I had some catching up at home to do. Brad was not feeling well, then I wasn't feeling well...and before I knew it it was Sunday! But I got the pictures up (even though they're a little late) so I'm calling that one a win. I got these shorts last night, and I am in love. They're super comfortable. You can't see it in the pics very well but there is a light floral pattern. I think it's fun and makes it more interesting than your typical denim short. 

 This outfit is basically about comfort and not making me hot. It's offiicially hit that stage in June where I am hot a lot. Welcome summer! I'm glad I found some pieces that are comfortable and still fit within my style framework.
Babies are doing great. I had a bit of a scare on thursday morning where I felt very faint and got tunnel vision. Turns out, my iron level is slightly low. I'm guessing that combined with the heat, tiredness of traveling, and my blood pressure tanking...all things that made a perfect storm for passing out. Everything at the doctor's office looked great, girls are moving around, and nothing major popped up. Just one of those fun things about pregnancy. Just have to make sure I'm eating right and I'm going to add some more iron to my diet for sure!

Saturday morning I got my first prenatal massage. It was wonderful. I highly recommend. ;)

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