Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crafty Things for Sean's Grad Party!

 As you know, I went to Michigan a couple weeks ago to celebrate with my brother since he graduated from high school. I had a wonderful time at his party, but definitely did not take as many pictures as I should have (sorry mom!). Here are a few of the things I helped with!


 I helped bake the crusts for these veggie pizzas. Basically, you roll our  croissant dough on a cookie sheet and bake it until it's golden. After it's browned, you let it cool. Then you mix together cream cheese and ranch dressing mix and spread it on the top as "sauce". Top with your favorite veggies (chopped real small) and enjoy! We used broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, and black olives for our veggie pizza. These are always a big hit!

I also made several batches of M & M cookies, using this recipe I found on pinterest. The secret ingredient? Vanilla pudding mix. They were so so delicious, and I'm not just saying that because I made them. The only changes I made to the recipe was to leave out the mini chocolate chips and I used regular M&M's because we couldn't find the minis. I eyeballed the amount because 1 and 1/2 cups of regular sized M&M's were too many. I think I ended up using 1/2-3/4 cup of them, depending on how I felt the dough looked. This is one of my new favorite cookie recipes!

As for the rest of the party spread we had a veggie tray, chips, hummus and pita chips, BBQ pulled pork, sloppy joes...and I think that's it, but I'm probably leaving something out.  The food was a big team effort between all of us: my mom, my dad, my mom's super awesome friend... it was so much fun getting it all together!

 Gratuitous shot of the cake table.


 This was my mom's idea on how to display some of Sean's medals. It's so cute, isn't it? I love the old encyclopedias!
 The centerpieces! There were one of these on each of the tables. These were a team effort between myself, my mom, and one of my mom's crafty friends. I made the GHS 2013 pennants with my Cricut before I got up to MI.
Each of them was slightly different, with a different picture and slightly different arrangement. They looked awesome, if I do say so myself.

I also made a bunting banner that was displayed over the cake table, but would you believe it I didn't even get a picture of it?! This is the mostly finished version. The finished version said 'GHS 2013' on it. I think this was my favorite thing to make. Buntings are so in right now and I thought it was cute.

We had a blast at the party. Lots of food, fun, and hanging out with people! 


Coach Baker said...

Have you found your Cricut to be worth the investment Liz?

Also i love the way the medals are displayed and those center pieces. So Awesome!

Liz Boyce said...

Yes! I love my Cricut! I use it a lot in my scrapbooking too. It's great. Pricey investment for sure, but I use it a ton and I love the results I get from it. It's pretty much eliminated my need to buy expensive embellishments for my scrapbooks. And for projects like this was just the cost of ribbon and I already had all the paper to make it!

mycreativecorner3 said...

This party came together so nicely and the cricut made such wonderful items, looked like we spent a fortune! Thanks for all of your help.