Monday, June 3, 2013

Style File: 20 Weeks

 Halfway! Well, halfway if I go to 40 weeks. ;) Brad got me this dress for Mother's Day as a little surprise. He picked it himself even. It's actually very comfortable and that's key to me. Plus, it isn't frumpy like some of the maternity dresses out there.  Brad's been busy lately as he started his summer class as well as trying to do some various baby projects. Last week he sanded down the dresser. This week we've picked paint colors for their room and he's started prepping the bathrooms to be painted (the bathrooms aren't a baby project. It's just a good time to do them. The master bath required some hefty work as along the shower mold had grown in the grout and somewhat in the pain. Lots of scraping...).

 My anatomy scan went very well! Nothing looked out of place or abnormal. Both were in the head down position (and it would be nice if they just stayed that way for the duration of this pregnancy!) and measured spot on for their gestational age. Baby A is estimated to be 12 oz and Baby B is estimated to be 11oz, both of which are normal for this stage of pregnancy. We got some fun pictures as well as a DVD of the whole scan. They were able to determine sexes of the babies. If you missed the announcement you can see it here. We made a fun little video. This is the first time I've ever made a video, so excuse the roughness. I still love the video though. :)

On Tuesday I leave for Michigan to visit my family for the week. I'll be going up by myself this time since Brad has several things to do for class. Plus, he has to conserve his leave time for after the babies arrive. I'm going up to celebrate my Brother's graduation with him in the form of helping out with his open house (and eating the food). I'm really excited to see everyone. It's always nice to be able to go see family when you live far from them.

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