Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scrappy Wednesday 2-16-11

 In honor of it recently being Valentine's day, I thought I would post the page I made for Valentine's day 2010. I recently went back and did this page because I realized I didn't have any valentine's day photos. Brad and I usually keep it pretty low key. This year he made me my favorite soup (Chicken Tortilla Soup) and baked an Apple pie all by himself. So of course i had to document it! 

 I think you're starting to notice a pattern here... I make most of the page elements on my cricut. LOL. I liked doing this one because I used the patterned papers and went a little wild this time. Normally I do patterned background, solid mats/other elements. But not this time. Aren't I just wild? HAHA.
 I cut these circles and put different hearts on them to make it more valentiney. I liked the result.
And lastly to make it truly valentiney, I asked "Will you be mine?"

As a bonus this week here are pictures of my new organizational system. I mentioned earlier this week that I  went to Michael's on a whim and discovered JetMaxx storage cubes were 40% off. So I bought three of them. As I was getting all my stuff in the cubes, I realized I would need a fourth, so I ran to Micheal's this afternoon and picked up the fourth one. Here's how I have mine for right now. The nice thing about this system is that it's pretty much completely customizable. If someday I get a bigger room, I can even create a table top out of them or add more cubes. They're stinking awesome and at a good price. I also got those three photo boxes for five bucks (as in all three of them cost a total of 5 dollars). In one I have my cricut cartridges, in another extra photos that didn't make it into the scrapbook, and the other has random odds and ends that needed a home. I cannot tell you how stinking excited I am to be able to have my stuff out like this. It makes it more accessible and makes me much more apt to scrapbook when I only have an hour or two. It really takes a lot of time gettin gall my stuff out of the big tub. NO MORE TUB YAY!

Happy (belated) Valentine's day! I hope you can find creative ways to scrap your Valentine's day!


Kimberly said...

I love the organizer.
All my crafty/sewing/painting stuff is in (2) tubs in my room and it's SO inconvenient if I decide to do a shadowbox last minute, or make someone a birthday card.
I love it!

Vicki said...

You are the best shopper! Love your organizers. The pages are great. The pie looks so yummy!!

Kathy Fryman said...

Lookin' good!