Friday, February 18, 2011

Style File 2-18-11

It was a beautiful day on Thursday so I ventured out to Mount Trashmore to take some pictures. I took these at 10:30, but the lighting was still a little bright. Next time I'll have to head out earlier or something. Anyway, forgive me for being squinty, but be proud of me for venturing out into a public place, haha.

 I just got these jeans about a month ago. I needed some jeans that fit me properly that were not skinny jeans. I love my skinnies but I also love a classic boot cut jean. So here's what I ended up with!
 I hope you recognize the red boots as the ones I got from Salvation Army. Told you I would feature them in a style file soon! I had my hair all curly, but it was a bit windy so it didn't last long. I'll have to re-do that hair style for a less windy day.

 And I thought I would show you the back of my vest. It's lace! I love it. Also love the pockets on the jeans. I love button-flap pockets. :)
 I have to say I love this outfit because it's comfortable. Cotton white tee shirt, jeans, and the vest. I think it looks put together, but it's incredibly comfortable. Throw in some red necklaces (which I've had for approximately forever) and

 And.... I GOT NEW GLASSES. They're dark brown, and I love them a lot. They're very similar to my old glasses, except these are plastic instead of metal. And they're brown and aqua instead of brown and pink.

So there you have it! This week I signed up for my first race ever. I'm running in the Towne Bank 8k  on March 19th. So I'm training for that right now! Yesterday I ran outside for the first time in a very long time to see what I needed to work on. I did a 5k about two minutes slower than my normal time, so my goal is to work on pacing. I think I need to get some upbeat music to keep me on pace. I really did notice that if the music was faster I ran faster... that doesn't matter so much on a treadmill because it keeps the pace for you! Tuesday I ran four miles on the treadmill so now my goal is to work up to five miles (aka: 8K). I can do it! At least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm also looking for real running gear. I don't want to run the race in a t-shirt and hand-me-down shorts from Brad. Maybe I'll do a Race Day style file for you. ;)

Have a great Friday!

 T-shirt: GAP perfect fit tee
Red Necklaces: Claire's circa 2004
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Levi's 515 (kohl's I believe)
Boots: Thrifted


Cafe Fashionista said...

Those jeans look gorgeous on you; and I LOVE the red shoes - such a fun pop of color! Yayay for new glasses - the frames are perfect!! :)

Twenty.Something said...

Great vest! Love it.