Monday, February 28, 2011

What's for Dinner? 2-28-11

I haven't decided what to call this yet. Italian Gyro?  Pesto Chicken wrap? Italian-Pesto-Chicken-Gyro-Wrap?  

I think i like Italian Gyro. Because this recipe is sort of inspired by a greek gyro, but modified a bit. Here is what you'll need:
- cooked rice, about a cup. I usually would use brown rice, but this time I used white rice because it cooks faster
-Pesto, either prepared or bought (I used the bought kind). You won't need more than a tablespoon or two. I'm going to use the rest of my jar on a pasta dish later this week.
- Tyson pre-cooked and cubed roasted chicken breast
-1/4 cup onion
-  basil
- garlic powder
- Flat-out flat bread. I usually use pitas, but our Walmart sucks and did not have them. These are a good substitute to make wraps instead of pitas.
- your choice of shredded cheese (I used a 3 Cheese Italian blend)

Take your chicken cubes and put them in the crockpot. I used about half of the bag I had. Anyway, put them in there, frozen and everything. Put enough liquid to cover the bottom. Flavor with basil, garlic powder, oregano, and pepper. I just eyeball it. I know, i'm too imprecise sometimes. Also, put in your onions. Cook on high for about three hours.

 Take your flat bread and spread pesto on it. I like pesto so I used a lot. If you prefer a more mild flavor, just use as much as looks good to you.

 Put some of your chicken cubes on one end of it.
 Add some rice. This one has more on it because it's Brad's. He's a growing boy and likes rice.
 Here's what I used. Put as much cheese as you would like on it.
Roll it up and serve it! We had salads with ours. My salad was simple: romaine lettuce, cranberries, and walnut-raspberry vinaigrette. Sometimes I put apples on it too. Yum!



Vicki said...

Yummy and very pretty too. Where did you get your love of cooking from ? Must be your father :).

Dione said...

YUM! I LOVE flat out bread! We use it all the time. This will be a nice addition to our wrapertoire! ;)