Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

I am considering doing some changes to post order throughout the week. I'm thinking about switching to posting like this:

Tuesday- What's for Dinner
Wednesday- Scrappy Wednesday
Friday-Style Files/Update posts

I think this will just be better for my busy life. Haha. So starting on Friday/next week be looking out for a new post schedule!

As for what I've been up to... not much! I went to Salvation Army yesterday and scored a fantastic dress for five dollars. You'll get to see it on Friday in my style file. :)

Brad has been working on school a lot lately because he had his first project thing due yesterday. He has his first exam next monday, so we'll see how all of that turns out for him.

I applied to a bunch of jobs yesterday, but haven't heard anything from any of them. Oh well, such is life I suppose!

Today my plan is to make the bread, go to good will (i'm on the prowl for a few items, mostly a brown belt I can put around my waist for a few of my shirts and a black cardigan), workout, finally do my last page for my "Our First Two Years" scrapbook, and then start of editing and ordering prints to start my Australia scrapbook. So excited to start working on it. I'm guessing it shouldn't take me too long. I do have a lot of photos, but they're easily grouped together and will be lots of fun to put together. Looking forward to starting it, I suppose. :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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