Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tweetific Tuesday!

Ok, so... I am on twitter now. I won't lie, it's mostly so I can attract traffic to here. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish that though, considering I don't have any followers. So you should follow me on twitter. :)

I haven't done any scrapbooking for about two weeks. Mostly because I've been feeling lazy, but also because I'm down to my last two pages for this scrapbook. Then I can move on to scrapping Australia, but for some reason I always lose motivation to finish a project. I think it's because I enjoy particular projects so much I don't want them to end? Maybe I'm weird.

I have been reading for fun lately. Something I don't do while I'm in school because I have to do so much heavy reading for class. I'm reading Agatha Christie novels, mostly. I like them. I'm also planning on re-reading some of the classics I read in high school to see if I can glean a better understanding of them. I've currently got Fahrenheit 451 checked out. It's one of my favorites (it's on my list of top ten books!). I haven't read it since I was 15 so I'm sure I'll appreciate it more now.

I'm also going to shamelessly plug this website: Eat Better America I love it.  They have tons of recipes, most of which I've had grand success with. I particularly enjoy the "healthified" versions of some of my favorite things. I've made the healthified pumpkin bread (which is my favorite recipe I've ever made. Perfect texture for pumpkin bread!) and the healthified oatmeal raisin cookies (just last night, actually). The reviews are always pretty helpful. But yeah, I recommend this site. Always has the nutrition facts and are generally delicious. So go there and use their recipes often.

Hmm... what else to update you on? We had a friend of Brad's stay the weekend (he's a friend from high school). The boys went to the aquarium and to a hockey game. I just wasn't feeling too great so I skipped both things. I wanted to go but I was really really tired. I was wondering if I had a little bug that I was fighting off. I did have a 99 temp off and on all weekend. But I'm feeling much better now. I plan to get back at running today (yesterday I was lazy and chose to do No More Trouble Zones instead). Fun times!

Anyway, follow me on twitter and i'll follow you!  Have a Tweetific Tuesday!

I am aware I didn't give you my twitter name. It's: ZilYdal. :)


Aaron M said...

I follow you... just through RSS, so it wouldn't show up as me actually following you.

Also... what IS your Twitter?

ErinJ said...

I'm loving all the changes you're making to your blog, Liz! It's inspiring and helping me to form some thoughts for my own blog. I put a link to your blog on mine, just FYI if you get some random visitors through there! :)