Friday, February 11, 2011

Style File Friday 2-11-11

As promised to some on my facebook here is the dress I picked up at Salvation Army last week for a whopping FIVE bucks. I just love the color of it too. It's a happy fuschia color. I think fuschia would be what it's called. It's a pinky-purple, that's for sure. Because it's cold I paired it with a brown sweater, brown pumps, and brown tights. For some reason they look more black in these photos, but I promise you, it's all brown.

 Here's one without the sweater. Just to show of the dress. :)

 Ok, these shoes were also a steal. I got them at JC Penney's on Superbowl sunday. They were crazy discounted. They're leather and super comfy. They were originally $70.00, but they were selling them for 13.50. And I had 10 dollars in rewards, so I think I paid three bucks for these bad boys. I love them. :)

So, outfit aside, on Wednesday night we got 4 inches of snow! They canceled school on Thursday which also meant my eye appointment for Thursday got canceled.  I was kind of sad because I didn't get to pick out new glasses, but that's ok because they're working me in today. Hopefully soon I will get new glasses! Yay!

I've also been applying to lots of jobs this week. Mostly reception work, but also a couple big girl jobs. I applied for a couple positions at Regent University, of of which is an Admissions Counselor job. I really hope I at least get an interview for the job because that would be awesome. If I work full time at Regent, I can basically take classes for free. So if I got a job there, I would most like take a class at a time and plod through a master's program. It would take longer but at least I would get school in for free! I'm really hoping I get it. Not only because of the tuition perk, but because I think it would be awesome to be an Admissions Counselor.The other job I applied for there is an academic advisor position. That would be a lot of fun too, I think. So I'm hoping something comes of all my applying. I've seriously sent out probably 25 resumes in three days. I think I've decided that if I don't get into William and Mary, I'm just going to work full time and take one class at a time. We really need to pay down some debt and me having a full time job would contribute to that immensly. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Valentine's day weekend. Don't eat too much chocolate!


Jeremy and Anna said...

Since I love getting comments, I'm going to comment on your blog! I love love love the dress! Super cute :o) If I ever come visit you, we are so going thrifting together. Also, I really hope you get the good jobs. That would be awesome! Miss you!

Vicki said...

More great deals that look wonderful! I can't buy socks for$10 !

Debbie Brown said...

Ooooh, those shoes are fabulous, and for $3.50!