Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrappy Wednesday 1-19-11

I had so much fun doing these pages! I co hosted a bridal shower for my good friend Bekah. It was more of a lingerie shower, but it was SO MUCH FUN. And these pages were fun to do. Especially because my mom got me the "Fashion" cricut cartridge, and it had a little bra and panty set I could cut out. If ever there were a page that it would be appropriate to put a bra and panty set on, this would be it. So I did. I apologize if anyone feels scandalized by that. You can see the panties up close in the second picture. :)

I've really been enjoying scrapbooking lately. I don't have a very good storage stystem partly due to lack of motivation to spend money on something more sophisticated and partly because i don't have the space. Currently, basically everything is in  tub and when I get the urge to scrapbook, I have to haul out the tub and haul out everything from the tub. Then my entire livingroom floor is covered in scrapbooking stuff. I should take a picture and show you sometime. So generally I go through spurts of scrapbooking and have a few marathon sessions, before I put it all away and bury it in the closet again. I'm hoping to remedy the storage system problem later this spring, but until then I'm hoping to just keep doing a couple pages here and there to get finished with some stuff. This blog is going to help me stay motivated and and on top of things. I hope. If it doesn't, I apologize, but I'm thinking it will. Especially since I'm not doing school this semester, I should have a lot more time and motivation to get stuff out. Anyway, how do you guys organize all your stuff? I live in a small apartment, so obviously having my own scrapbooking room is out of the question (someday!).


Kathy Fryman said...

I really love my 6 drawer rolling plastic cabinet that I got at an office supply store. I have adhesives and pens and scissors in one drawer, cutting tools in a drawer, die-cuts/stickers drawer, idea book drawer. My paper I keep in an accordian file, generally divided by color. Since it's on wheels it's easy to roll in the cupboard or a closet or often, just a corner.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love all the pink. What stunning pages!! :)