Saturday, January 1, 2011

Style File 1-1-11

Happy New Year!!! I have been enjoying my visit up in Michigan with my family. We've been doing a lot of relaxing, which is great. I love just relaxing, haha. Later this week I will tell you  more about my trip, but as promised here is the very first style file. I decided to do an "Up North Style File". Enjoy!

The pictures aren't necessarily the greatest. I am feeling lazy and don't feel like cropping anything or editing them. I'm still on vacation, right?

This style file features what a fashionable Northerner would wear to snow shoe!

 I made this scarf. I knitted it a while a go. Probably when I was in high school?
 Borrowed these boots from my brother and the snow shoes from my mother's co-worker.
Big leather gloves. Kept my hands warm!

Jacket: Old, bought it when I was in high school.
Hat: Christmas gift last year
Gloves: Borrowed from my dad
Scarf: Knitted
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: borrowed from my brother
Snow Shoes: borrowed

Ok, ok, my first style file was a bit of a joke. I'll have a real one next week. I just need to figure out how to get good pictures by myself without a tripod. I might need to invest in one.


Vicki said...

Great style, even in borrowed gear!

jmh49735 said...

Very Nice!!! That Style will bring the Bark Eaters running.