Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrappy Wednesday 1-26-11

I was the Stage Right play my last semester at LeTourneau. I played Sue Bayliss in Arthur Miller's "All My Son's". I had such a blast with it. Here are the pages I made to remember it all by. Three whole pages!
I took these pictures during our final dress rehearsal. That's why there are no pictures of me! 

So, to make it all look authentic, some of the actors smoked tobacco-less cigarettes for the show. We all way too much fun with them, and many of us smoked them to be stupid when we were off stage. Our cast picture on the bottom right features us all with a fake cigarette. Now, to understand why this is so scandalous you need to know that the school is a conservative Christian school. We aren't even allowed to drink or smoke off campus, let alone on campus. So we all thought we were pretty BA smoking these stupid fake cigarettes. I must admit, it was pretty funny. But I guess you had to be there.

I kept the elements pretty simple on these pages. The big flourishy thing was fun to use, so there were an abundance of them. And I had just gotten my cricut so I might have gone a little crazy with them. But I also featured the program and the ticket stub to the show. I like to put actual "scraps" on my pages to keep some momentos. Maybe I'm cheesy?


Vicki said...

Love the flourishes, no cheese or corn is found on this page. It is a great page with all the elements of a wonderful time. I think the fake cigs are pretty funny myself.

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S what this cricut thing does. They look great, Liz :)