Saturday, January 22, 2011

Style File 1-22-11

I was experimenting with a flash on these, and I'm not sure I like these pictures as much as I like my other pictures (my white shirt is a bit over exposed and I have some shadowing) I think they'll do for a Style File.

 I like looking professional. Unfortunately, I do not have a job that requires me to look professional. So I just wear my clothes  to the grocery store. It just counts that I feel good, right? Haha. I've had this denim pencil skirt for a couple years now, but I feel like it's pretty classic. Sad day for me though because it isn't fitting the way it used to (that's the problem with losing weight. You have to find the cash somewhere to replace all of your favorite pieces!
 This is one of my other favorite sweaters. I think I just have a thing for sweaters. I'm sure it's because I'm cold all of the time. Anyway, I like this one because it's kind of a "boyfriend" cut and comes way down in the front. that means I can wear ruffly shirts and still show off my ruffles!
 Don't mind that stray hair there. I know it looks silly. My bobby pin failed me. The purpose of this photo was to show off my pop of color (aka: my orange necklace).

I love tights. I love interesting but not over-the-top tights. I think these accomplish that, no? These are just basic black pumps. Every girl's gotta have some; so versatile! These I got a couple years ago off the sale rack at Kohls. They're leather and I think I paid 15 bucks for them. Pretty good steal, in my opinion. I've found better steals, but this one was still pretty good!

Ruffled button up- Goodwilled
Sweater- Old Navy
Denim Pencil Skirt- JC Penney
Tights- Kohls? Maybe?
Shoes- Kohls
Necklace- JC Penney


Cafe Fashionista said...

You look absolutely beautiful in these photographs, Liz - and I love love your tights! :)

Beth C. said...

Love it again!! You look totally great and I love your sweater